Gomu gomu no....Fashion Post!

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Bon apres midi mes amis! Full disclosure: I had no intention of doing a post today, BUT an impromptu shopping trip on Saturday has me all riled up to be stylish. ...well, to write about being stylish anyway *adjusts jeans and T-shirt*.

Now, I have made several proclamations about putting together outfits on this blog, and I AM still in the process of acquiring the pieces necessary to construct them, so allow me to add this to my pile:

Ladies and Gents, introducing my spirit animal, Monkey D Luffy. Yes, you knew this was going to go the anime way, but hear me out. Seriously, guys? Seriously? Luffy is FABULOUS.

Just got real. via lionheart24movieanime

This is Luffy in Gear Second, also known as "Bend Over and Kiss your Bum Goodbye because it is OVAH" mode. Now, I won't even front, One Piece is so beautifully written that certain bloggers may end up in tears at some of the story or character arcs. Not me, of course, other bloggers. Others.

What makes my day is how the character outfits correlate so completely believably to their personalities. Take our dear friend Luffy. Luffy is probably the single most happy go lucky individual ever to grace your screen, which is clearly visible in his style choices, or lack of them. 

Standard Luffy uniform is generally sandals (totes relate), jeans shorts, his red vest and of course, THE HAT. Mad simple right? For further purposes of style inspiration, and in kicking off the #WhatWouldLuffyWear movement, I have cataloged my favourite Luffy style moments below:

7. Afro Luffy

Because everyone knows Afros give you super powers. Try it and thank me later.

6. After Timeskip Luffy

The importance of accessorizing cannot be overlooked, even when kicking serious butt.

5. Girl Luffy
via cosplaycostumes.co

Technically not a Luffy outfit but how cute is that for December at the Coast! Or a sunny summer day to go feed bacon to bald eagles in the park? Insert your cultural reference for sunny frolicking here.

4. Sun-smart Luffy

Sun damage is real people! Use that sunscreen!

3. Practical Luffy

Here Luffy dons chic black cargo shorts, proving once and for all that they will never go out of style. His reason? He needed the pockets to carry more meat. For real. *sheds single tear* Teach me, Master.

2. Freeze and Shine Luffy

via  comicvine submitted by flashdamn

Ladies, take note. As long as you're wearing a jacket in the frozen Kenyan winter of July, it is perfectly acceptable to wear shorts/short skirts. Hypothermia? Made up by doctors who are jealous of your swag.

1. Sir Luffy

ridiculously amazing image by xxraccaxxdavidxx on deviantart

This. Just....this. This ensemble is my everything. If you've watched the One Piece movie Strong World, you too were instantly struck blind by the waves of Awesome wafting out of your screen when the Mugiwara Pirates stepped onto the scene to stare down Shiki. I mean, good God, man, Luffy is in a TIE!
With this image comes the only style lesson you will ever need: if you can make sandals and a straw hat work with otherwise formal attire and a GUN? You can wear anything and look fabulous.
There. We can close fashion now, it's over.

Wishing you nothing but fabulousity and good cheer, au revoir.

 I know you can hear the laugh in your head. sophiebridgers

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