Weekly Shawarma: The One With the DRAMA

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Buenos noches, good people. And yes, that is most assuredly an incorrect spelling. Apologies for the absence all around: we'd give an excuse but we all know it's because your fave keyboard warrior is a vastly irresponsible slacker, so. Let's get to it!

1. Listening To

Speaking of problematic faves, Fist Brown (copyright - Micheal K) may be 7 different, exotic kinds of douchebag, but a dude can make music. Enjoy the track below as you contemplate our mutual hypocrisy.

2. Reading

One of those old books/movies/authors you hear about but have yet to experience personally, I haz decided to read Ray Bradbury and so far, no complaints. In serious lack of current/contemporary books to read at present: have the literary gods abandoned me? :O

Also, seriously considering getting a bunch of audiobooks for next month to jump start my reading again, should attention span and shameful phone battery life hold out. You know how you get a book and you just know you'll never finish it so you're left looking for any strategy possible to get through it? Next option is finding someone to actively read it to me and poke me with a pencil when I drift off. Audition dates & location to be announced.

3. Being Super Dramatic About

This flu because THIS IS ACTUALLY THE WORST THING TO EVER HAPPEN IN HISTORY. Srsly, guise. 100% have not left the house all weekend in a bid to get back to fighting health. Research on curing the flu shows that the best way to get over it is to inject orange juice directly into my bloodstream for maximum Vitamin C, so I guess I have to buy oranges now? *shrugs*

For the first shawarma in a laughably long time, 'tis Evey G. Mwah, bishhhes.


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