On Goals and Accountability

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Bon apres midi, y'all. It is 5 days past New Years and while you were all running around improving your lives and what not with resolutions, I was doing absolutely nothing of the sort until about 5 minutes ago.

What follows is therefore not a set of resolutions, but goals which I will achieve without necessarily setting a timeline to them. #Flawless
(NB: If this is the definition of a resolution, send me a notarized letter stating this so I can take this post down & come to your house to show you personally. Thank you.)


These are being listed here specifically to keep myself accountable for actually completing them. 'cause nobody ever lies on the internet. Let's get to it, then, shall we?

1. Actually finish my HTML5/CSS courses

My intermittent attempts to learn coding have generally been subject to inspiration from hacker movies and wandering on to the Skillcrush blog page, which is amazing. Scheduling my Codecademy modules has so far not been super successful either, but, BUT this year, I'm going to do one hour a week. This way, I'll be done by the time I'm 70 and I can ask our Lizard Overlords for permission to go online and update this post to read "Done".

2. Pick up on my contributing authoring

This one can actually be summed up as "Stop being a trash person".

3. Do a creative writing thingie

I'm not 100% clear on how to achieve this but basically, post my random writing online, platform to be decided. Maybe Wattpad?
Presently, all my writing stuff is concentrated on Jotterpad, the phone app. Fun fact- this is where I wrote my alternate ending/shameless fanfiction of Z. Rider's "Suckers".
What has two thumbs, a questionable sleep schedule and has had an incredible author read their fanfiction?

Liz Lemon This Moi
This moi! williesun

Have I talked about how super nice Z.Rider is on Twitter and email already? (Yes I have). In case I haven't (Yes, I have), allow me to do so now. Go follow her here and read her amazing books. Thaaaank youuu.

4. Actually wear my retainers

I'm writing this on the off chance that my orthodontist does really specific google searches for niche nonsense blogs. Hi, Doc!

5. Pick up on my graphic design stuff

I love how that sounded like I actually have a graphic design background or signed up for a class. None of that is true, FOR NOW.
A person with such a startlingly short attention span needs multiple creative outlets, you guys.
We can do this. We can crush it.

6. Stop neglecting my Coursera account

This is a twofer, filed under "Being a trash person" and "needing to keep my flighty mind occupied".
I find when I have nothing to stress about/challenge me, my mind goes to terrifying directions and I tend to fixate on things that push me back a few steps in my quest to become the ultimate tentacled hipster monster. Unfortunate. I intend, therefore, to direct my obsessive focus on more positive things this year.

Nicole Richie Positive Person gif
Indeed. giphy

7. Stay Inspired

Read, watch, listen to or otherwise telepathically beam great things directly into my brain. You know the books you read that leave you awed and kind of upset that you weren't the one to write them?
Those do a great job of getting me all fired up to write for at least a good week afterwards. Memoirs like Felicia Day's or Sophia Amoruso's, books geared towards giving you a deeper understanding of the world and yourself (hi, Johann Hari and Marshall Goldsmith), I'm about them all. Allllll.
Same goes for your basic motivational videos on YouTube, incredible TED talks like this one by Dame Stephanie Shirley and of course, booktubers out here killing it.
Basically, my goal is to do something once a week to keep my batteries charge and never succumb to boredom or apathy. *national anthem plays in the background*

Alright then. This was the last such random post that had nothing to do with nothing. Regularly scheduled programming shall resume on Friday with *excited gasp* a Weekly Shawarma!
For the opposite of resolutions and actually getting things done like a grown-ass, grown ass person, 'tis I, Lunar Queen Evey. Mwah!


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