Weekly Shawarma: The One With The Plague

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An actual post on an actual Friday: progress! Buenos noches, good people and welcome back after a month long disappearance. Let's get right into it because, dear fan, *strokes your face* we've already wasted enough time.


A book I can't recall if I learned about off Booktube or random Goodreads meandering: "The Illumination" by Kevin Brockemeier.

It's difficult to go too far into a description of this book, so suffice it to say: the basic concept of the book is exceptional. One bright random day, the world changes. People are now able to view pain as light radiating out of people- broken bones, cancer, emotional pain, all of it is now actually visible in its differing intensities. Your resident R2D2 impersonator is not yet far enough into the book to give a recommendation, but if that base principle of it interests you as it did me, go right ahead.

Will Never Be Over

You are, of course, well aware of my eternal stanship of iZombie. Season two just came to a close with a two part finale that ripped. my. soul. out. You guys. 

Can I just say, as an (occasional) writer, the finale was a work of art. Human drama, effortless introduction of a new villain, plot twists, and of course serious ACTION- I was floored. 
Let it be known that my future cats will all be named after characters on this show, starting with Clive because ermergerd. Just, ermergerd, you guys. WHY ARE YOU NOT WATCHING THIS SHOW.

Plagued By

Geddit? 'cause the app is called "Plague Inc"? I'm here all week. 


There is nothing that can be said about this app that won't land you on a government watch-list, so just download the thing & try it on for size. You'll hate it, and me for recommending it, but you won't be able to stop playing it. Available for Android, Windows Phone and iOS here.

Alright my beautiful Martian potatoes, here's to a weekend filled with antiseptic and hope for a better life. Until next time, extreme kisses!


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