Weekly Shawarma: The One With a Guilty Pleasure

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What's better than being up at 04:00am because you have plans at 09:00am and you know if you sleep you'll be out cold 'til late afternoon? Everything. Everything is better than this torment. Your resident insomniac has returned with a piping hot serving of shawarma for this week (left overs in the fridge can be found here) for this week. My theme today, typed while listening to "Just a Kiss" by lady Antebellum, is guilty pleasures. Obviously. Let's get to it, shall we.

1. Reading

I make no secret of my love for Russell Brand and the fauna that inhabits his beard: he's wildly hilarious with that brand of intelligence catches you off guard. Seeking this wit in written form, my reading for this week is his "My Booky Wook 2". I've heard it's not as fabulous as its predecessor (which I'm still looking for), *shrugs* let's see.

2. Fashun

As much as I feel that pic alone is sufficient fashun to last the rest of the year, I must press on. As far as sartorial mentors go, there are few better than Mr Bass himself as far as dressing like a dapper gent goes. Thankfully, the Internet gods are feminists and have blessed us with acres of guides on translating Bassian looks for those of us with bewbs.

There you have it. If you happen to spot a girl in a bow tie and unruly hair on the bus this week, please look away, I have terrible social anxiety. Speaking of looks you should look away from:

Red. Onesie. Hoodie. Style Bistro
Never forget.

3. Watching

On to Guilty Pleasure lane. Remember when that telenovella 'Maria De Los Angeles' was all the rage and everyone had a crush on that herbalist bro with a red headband or Radames Basanta? Yes, me neither, as it never happened. *clears throat*
Similarly not happening is my enthusiastically watching the soap of our times, 'Revenge'.

Veering from "omg what happens next" to bat caca nonsense with insane glee guaranteed to give you whiplash, I am ashamed to say that I have religiously consumed 3 seasons of 2014's answer to 'The Bold and The Beautiful'. My name is Evey and only your specific god can judge me.

Honourable Mention

I tweeted this gem on Tuesday, and I'm compelled to direct your attention here today. A little backstory: social media is being used to find delinquent fathers that skip out on child support in the States. Some of the ones who are caught are interviewed by Fox to find out their reason for being a special flavour of awful person. One such interview, which totally changed my life, is below.
Awesomely Luvvie, where the vine is from, does this story true justice HERE: the story plus comments are everything. EVERYTHING.

'til next week folks, no further questions. *is carried away by giant owl*


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