Weekly Shawarma: The One With Saber Rider

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Given that I was actually enjoying a lovely shawarma roll at the time of commencing this post, 'tis kismet that the name remain. Pro tip: do not, in this lifetime, ask the chef at an Arab restaurant to make your dish spicy because you think you're G. You are not. No one is. On the plus side, I can finally fulfill Mother's dreams of seeing me eat spinach as I've lost all feeling in my tongue. On to this week's round up.

1. Reading

Yo girl DJ Procrastination took it old school this week with the frankly refreshingly easy to read classic, The Island of Dr. Moreau. The question here is, does this make me automatically classier than you? Yes, yes it does. People who call themselves classy always are.

Again, I have this e-book but will not share here because prison (maybe). You can download it yourself over at Adelaide and get a bunch more classic books as well. Happy haunting!

2. Listening to

The 80s were a magical time where shadowy characters could drop acid then create mystical experiences to introduce your child to the wonderful world of psychedelic drugs. Yes, I'm talking about the cartoons.

These came to Kenya via KBC a lot later than when they were actually aired, and for that, we are all eternal grateful. Hark!

 SoundCloud is still being sulky. :( Aluta continua.

3. Cooking

I cooked, you guys! Sticky chicken wings what whaaaaaat! This is what they looked like going into the oven:

Which you'll recognize as my first mistake, since they generally cook better in a little group to keep the painstakingly mixed sauce from essentially draining and going to waste. Needless to say, the result was laughable. 20 minutes later I ended up having to turn them over and redrizzle them with sauce (the bottom end had all dropped onto the tray thing) then cook again 'cause apparently, giving your family salmonella is not "something we'll laugh about 10 years from now". So uptight.

After the second baking, my wings were well and sticky but I was over it and left them all in Mum's fridge where my kid brother happened upon them and destroyed them in one sitting, swearing he'd seen the gates of heaven with each bite. ...that's totally what he said. For real.
I would be flattered, but we all know teenage boys are essentially Sarlacci, so I'm not sure. Will try again, with moar pics!

Honourable Mention

I won't even preface this. Go here ---> 28 Dates Later .Just...don't Google the Nigerian thing. Enjoy.

Jusqu'à la prochaine fois, this has been Evey G and the cat her neighbour is frantically searching for, with weekly Shawarma.


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