Weekly Shawarma: The One With Tiwa Savage

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Since introductions are for wimps and people who aren't running from a submission deadline in 2 hours, let's hop right into this week's installation of shawarma-themed AWESOME. Previous incarnations can be found here. Hark!

1. Reading

Yes, at long last, your resident newbie Murakami fan and sayer of things like "Of course I'm right, I read Haruki Murakami" has gotten her hands on his newest book which apparently sold a milli copies in Japan on release. #Dedication
Review to come? Review to come.

We have an Instagram now!

2. Listening to

Ladies, if ever you need to werk a new pair of heels, this is all the soundtrack you need:

Tiwa Savage puts it DOWN. Ever since Kele Kele I've been a fan, and having just caught her brilliant video with another favourite, Waje (I still listen to "inspired" before I walk by the valley of the shadow of death), I am firmly Team Tiwa. Check it.

3. Watching

Teen Wolf. Yeah. I don't understand either. Having watched season 1 when it just came out & giving myself a concussion from violently rolling my eyes, I had no interest in continuing with the series. In a fit of boredom, I located the season 3 DVD some accursed servant of evil had left lying around, and then it was morning and I'd watched the whole thing.

For...reasons. offcolortv

Seeing as how they finally dropped the 'pale creeper' shtick for Derek (which I suspect was decided upon in the Twilight days) and switched it up to tan, bulked up, strong silent Derek, I am here. for. it. Seriously.
The storylines are still heavily O___o worthy, but it's easy watching for a chill night in/Sunday afternoon. This is not a recommendation.

Honourable Mention
As a card-carrying member of team "Needs to Get off the internet", I read a LOT of excellent blogs and sites. Starting (whenever I'll get around to) the next wrap up of shawarmy goodness, a brief description and link of said amazeballs sites/blogs/sellers of Buffy the Vampire Slayer merchandise will be included.

In the spirit of this post, have a half-assed weekend filled with tan werewolves and cheating boyfriends wearing excellent makeup. Au revoir!


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