Shingeki no Fashion!

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Fashion fans and fanatics, it's time: we need to stop wearing clothes. 

As you should have heard by now from the frantic nonstop frothing of your otaku friends about the coming live action movie, Shingeki no Kyojin (also known as 'Attack on Titan' manga series & anime) is THE hottest commodity the world of anime/manga has gifted the world since the beginning of time.

Aside from an exquisite storyline, unforgettable characters and mind-melting visuals, Attack on Titan has also given us one more invaluable gift: fashion and style tips for the ages. 
Yes, you can indeed expect the fashion industry to stand up and pay attention to this stunning stylings of Eren, Mikasa, Armin, and of course, LEVI! 

Yes. rebloggy

Fashion bloggers and style fans take note: this is how YOU can be the best dressed gal or guy in the room with Shingeki no Kyojin (SNK):

1. Sometimes, No Clothes are the best clothes
The world has continued to lean towards the “going natural” trends and the fashion world agrees! One great way to embrace the natural you is simply to ditch the latest clothing fads and show off your amazing skin by going au naturale: wear no clothes at all!
An important point to remember when embracing this trend is that modesty is key. Remember to trim unnecessary body parts such as all external genitalia to avoid a nasty fashion faux pas that's a major no-no!

Better yet, why not step it up a notch by ditching both clothes AND skin altogether? The message repeated by fashion mavens through the ages has remained the same: embrace the natural you! What's more attractive to a potential suitor than a confident display of how developed and functional your tendons are? If you're single, you're guaranteed not to be for much longer!***Note 1

The perfect ensemble for prom. (obvious screenshot)

2. Have a Personal Coat of Arms
The residents of Shingeki no Kyojin are divided into 3 walls, each with their own distinct and identifying symbol; a great fashion lesson in personal branding. What can be more one of a kind than a symbol that's all yours? A good place to start would be with a butterfly, heart, flock of birds or a dolphin as your foundation, then build on that to make your sidgil truly one of a kind. This is best displayed on your lower back or, should you go for a more tribal chic or barbed wire-inspired design, on your bicep, where it can be shown off by your collection of muscle t-shirts.

Ours is the fury! butterfatstudios

3. When choosing accessories go for stylish AND functional
In the olden days, when fashion was just a fledgling concept, the trend setters of the day knew how to make every item of clothing count. Earrings that could be used as spear tips, bracelets with jangling beads that could serve as toys for children, loincloths that could double as...morning after loincloths: everything had a purpose beyond aesthetics.

For your next date. curellasays

Take this to the next leve with Shingeki no Kyojin inspired 3D maneuver gear. Customizable in different colours such as steel, chrome, or metallic grey to match your styling needs, this funky accessory serves both as an elegant mode of transportation and a statement piece to really make your outfit stand out.

Like Spiderman, but AWESOME. rebloggy

Functional 3D maneuver gear not yet available in your country? Build your own DIY project from reinforced titanium, intricate pully sytems and lengths of barbed wire. Test out your creation by jumping off the roof adjacent to the next social event or fashion gathering you wish to attend to make a splash!***Note 2

4. Pop of Colour
Add a daredevil hint of excitement to your formal gown with the effortlessly stylish Survey Corps hooded cape. Protect your hair from the elements, hide your face from papparazi or ex boyfriends and look chic, all at once with this forest green fashion must have, made that much more unique and fashion forward by the wings of freedom emblazoned across the back.

Seen here on Mariah Carey in 1995. ebay

5. Incorporate Living Elements to Really Make Your Outfit stand out
Bond villains have their white cats, our dark lord Mugatu has his poodle, and you, dear fashion forward reader, what do you have? A horse.

Oh, hello there. chickensmoothie

Understandably, keeping a horse requires a little bit more effort than the average Paris Hilton purse dog, but it is beyond worth it. Aside from a fashion statement no one will forget, you also get a convenient source of instant hair extensions, which, so hot right now.

Hansel is the name of my horse. imgfave

Show up at a party wearing the same outfit as someone else? Your problem can easily be solved in a dignified ladylike way by getting your horse to take a steaming, fashionable dump on the offender to prompt a change of clothes. Horses can also be dyed to match your outfit of the day, with a wide range of organic paints that are great on your skin and gentle on Mother Earth.

Which is not crazy and unnecessary at all.  adorableanimals4lois

There you have it, dolls! Not only is Shingeki no Kyojin among the best manga/anime series known to man, it is also a deep well of fashion inspiration. Go ye forth and put your best foot forward with these stylish tips and we guarantee you'll be the talk of the town. Remember to share your pictures with us on Instagram and Twitter, with the hashtag #WeAreNotLegallyLiableForThis.
Have a fashionable week, ladies and gents!

***Note 1: because you'll be dead from massive infection. But still not single!
***Note 2: A red splash, because your design may not work as advertised, and you will super die. A stylish red splash though.

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