Of Anthony Okello and Brevity Like A Sir.

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Surprise! An actual Monday post, presented on a Monday! In the great Sirs Monday tradition of Brevity, I present with minimal comment, the Masquerade Exhibition by Anthony Okello, hosted by the 1 Off Gallery.
Sir Okello's art is described by Nairobi Now as follows, and I quote:

In this exhibition, Okello’s explores the human psychology of disguise and the covering of true identity. He says the ‘masks hide the real intention of the wearer’.

The exhibit was to premier yesterday and is to run until 26th June. It is open for viewing daily from 11am-5pm save for Mondays and public holidays, therefore, loves, get to stepping. The location of the Gallery itself is a bit out of the way so there is an unfortunately high chance that I myself will not be able to take it to the show, but it is my civic duty to inform all you budding art appreciators of the awesomeness that is to be undertaken.

And that would be it for Sirs Monday this week. Wishing you the best as you countdown to Friday (I see you), from OHASZ, this is Evey G and my new roommate, signing out.

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