The Schadenfreude Fairy & Richard Branson's Lipstick

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Buongiorno good peoples, and yes, according to me, it is still morning hours. If we're follow-friends on FaceTwit, you already know the image that's currently shining bright rays of rainbow sunshine down my throat this morning and probably forever:

That right there is Sir Richard Branson looking more fabulous than I ever will in a skirt suit, honouring a bet with the head of AirAsia, because this is how true Sirs do Dares. Hats off. Speaking of Sirs, 'tis my obligation to bring The Little Art Gallery to your attention, specifically the "At A Glance" exhibit running to the end of this month.

From the looks of it, there are a TON of incredible pieces, so I feel a wee bit guilty admitting that I'm mainly going to see the works of Gor Soudan. From the Gallery itself, the exhibit is described as:

The Kenya Cultural Centre is holding it’s 1st ever Contemporary Visual Arts exhibition dubbed ‘Art a Glance’ , it is a snippet of Contemporary Visual Arts in Nairobi. The exhibition is held in conjunction with The Little Art Gallery. It showcases artworks by 5 artists namely, Gor Soudan, Wycliffe Opondo aka Wiki, Anthony Mugo (all Kenyan), Ermias Ekube (Eritrea) and Adil Roufi (Morocco). The objective is to give the Kenya Cultural Centre’s audience a taste of what Contemporary Visual Arts diversity Nairobi has to offer – concept and style.

I want to say I'm going this Saturday, but chances are I'll end up going next weekend due to scheduling conflicts, namely the need to zombie-shuffle around the house in pajamas, but I WILL go, and hopefully, so will you. Support local artists, people!

And I worked really hard on it too.

Be nice: is it awesome, or is it SUPER awesome. In the interest of cleansing your palate with actual photography done by actual people who know about picture things, this article takes an uncharaceristically melancholy turn:

Full article available at environmentalgraffiti

I saw this post a while ago and....well, initially, I was depressed: it's terrifying to think of the circumstances facing other flesh and blood people exactly like yourself, and knowing one stroke of fate beyond your control could land you in situations you're ill equipped to handle. Just as strong was "hope" or "inspiration" the proper term here? Seeing the resilience of the human spirit and how people in the worst of circumstances fight to make something better of the situation tends to put things in perspective. That right there is one of the images from one of the "homes" in the maze of Las Vegas underground storm drains. As in, where excess water goes when it rains.

As in one of these. Clusterflock

I won't write much about this because the author of the article, Karl Fabricius, has done an excellent job of it at Environmental Graffiti. What made me put the piece on my blog is how Mr Fabricius also captured the love and raw humanity of the residents, who as I said, seem to be doing their utmost best to be ok, circumstances notwithstanding. To the residents of this place, I salute you all, really, I do. If photographer Austin Hagrave managed to take these and not curl up in a weeping ball for the rest of the year, I salute him as well.

This is usually the part where a cute animal is included to make you smile before going on with your day, but guess what, if I have to be sad for the rest of the day, then so do you! For Monday Like A Sir with a side of "Never Leaving the House Again", 'tis I, the Depression Fairy, signing out. 

Schadenfreude? Me? Never. via anyainparis.tumblr


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