Peace, Love and Chimpanzees that are Better than You.

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Greetings my precious darlings. 'tis Monday (hush now, you're confused and I'm right) yet again. This post was originally supposed to run on Saturday but heat exhaustion won out. To clarify, I am not at all allergic to the sun, and I am not at all partial to the night and bloody Marys, I'm just...not good with exposure. Also, if you got the pun in that sentence, write to me immediately, our wedding will be the stuff of legend.

Since, this is obviously what you loo like. adventuretime.wikia

Slowly making my way back to the point, after a particularly frustrating Friday morning, I saw it fit to get myself a little gift from this fabulous-looking place I've been eyeing for a bit. In the interest of becoming Supreme Overlord of the Free Worl-...erm...reading a Classic, I got myself this lovely little edition.

As you can see, I bought it new, which I rarely do. This is because, darlings, I have decided to officially start a personal library, as opposed to my current situation of "Stack of Books in the corner of my bedroom". So yay personal growth, no?

This is usually where I would plug an event that I intend to attend, but events of the day have given me new purpose. First, allow me to fan the flames on the Hair Wars issue. This article right here provides a list of successful female African authors who prefer their hair au natural. The implications of this? That I'm letting my unruly curls do their thing and I was looking for a way to tell the world.

Nobody shiv me with a curling iron, I love you all in equal measure. In Monday Like a Sir photography news, I have but one question: how much is your photography worth? Because there is at least one monkey whose work would sell for more than yours.

Yup, Mikki the Chimpanzee's pieces are to be sold at Sotheby's for a staggering $75,000 to $100,000. In case you don't have a calculator handy, allow me to save you the effort: between Kshs6.3 and Kshs.8.4 MILLION. Did I not warn you to have a seat? Mea culpa, I'm sure you're on the floor by now anyway. The pieces on question?

Yup. via

No, dear spambots and two readers, the blur is not an error on my part. If you clicked on the link you'll notice that all the pictures are similar. *sigh* I can't tell if this is one of those high art situations that I cannot comprehend or if we have just been expertly trolled. I'm just...I need a hug.

Or the next best thing. handycandy

Seriously, you guys, those are like CRACK. I literally go through 3-4 per day. Just, bury me in an eight foot deep pit filled with them and let me eat my way out. If I don't make it, at least I went out happy.

I'm trying very hard not to write blog post cheques my procrastination can't cash, so allow me to simply claim that there will be another post this week. The drafts folder of this blog overfloweth and I think I can find time to complete some of those....maybe. Do feel free to get your hopes all the way up: free chocolate if you're disappointed and can figure out where I'll be tomorrow at 03:00pm exactly.

'til next we meet, peace and love.

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