Weekly Shawarma: The One with A Playlist

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Mood Music. 

As explained last week, the lazily tentatively titled Weekly Shawarma series  is a round up type situation of what has been read, listened to or otherwise enjoyed during the week. Without further pomp and circumstance, let's get right into it.

1. Reading

Contemporary Reads: I got into "One More Thing: Stories and Other Stories" by BJ Novak, otherwise known as Ryan from the Office and that guy that's maybe dating Mindy Kaling. I'm in the process of writing a review which will likely be up by end of the week, Safaricom internet & other writing engagements allowing.

Classic Read: Since Hipster Overdose is a real thing that has claimed several lives, I decided to break that up with Asimov's "Youth", which is a surprisingly easy read. I'm not sure why I expected it to be borderline clunky like Lovecraft, but I'm pleasantly surprised and looking forward to completing it. 

Throwback read: Did you guys catch Kevin Mwachiro's "Invisible" book release waaaaaay way back? I've been turning over my feelings on said book for a while now, since I actually finished reading it the same day it was officially launched. I dunno. The jury's out on whether I'll review it.

2. Fashun

If I had unlimited financial resources and no family to be ashamed of me, my wardrobe would be described as "Time-traveler from the 20s on speed". Or "Ugh, another hipster", depending on how much sugar was in your cereal in the morning. To this end, one of my favourite places on the internet is the ModCloth Instagram page 'cause gurrrrrrrl. 

For this and other reasons that require medication, when I found Pin Up Girl Clothing I was ecstatic. It's like a candy shop for my retro hypoglycemia.

Do they deliver to Kenya? Yes. Are the delivery charges about half the cost of the product itself (or more than the actual price if you want priority shipping)? Also, yes. So, y'know, boo and such. Silver lining: they have a dedicated gallery for stuff like this so at the very least you can find inspiration for looks and stuff then Toi/Gikosh your way to an outfit. So, glass half full. 

3. Listening to

I haz been rocking to Jason Derulo's "Tattoos" album all week, and dude is doing it. "Stupid in Love" and "The Other Side" are my staples here but I'm ok with "Trumpets" as well. Getchu a piece on my playlist below. Sidebar: the tattoos on the album cover over there are actually titles of the tracks on the album, as pointed out by popcrush. Yeiz.

Also, guys. Guise. Guyz. Sam Tsui. Shhhh. Just listen.

As promised, playlist here. For some reason, I can't change the SoundCloud settings to let playlists embed, but I am working on it and shall have one up directly on the blog soon. A direct player, if possible. By all means get your hopes way, WAY up. 

Honourable Mention

Bad decisions took corporeal form and possessed the internet this week as Blue Steel poster-child Jeremy Meeks' mugshot sent a great (ambitious) many of you spinning into "my love can fix him" mode. #FelonCrushFriday

Among other things. via Audrey Brooks/Facebook

Years later when scientists gather to study how astronomical levels of THURST scorched all that remained of the Ozone layer, you will smile a secret smile and know you did your part to help doom the human race. Congratulations. Backstory here.

Aite, that's it for this week. In a lot of ways, the shawarma posts are a way to share finds and keep the page updated. Obviously, the kinks are still worked out and *insert speech about fine wine aging here*. 'til next time. (rides into horizon on Hell Hound)


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