Weekly Shawarma

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In the interest of sharing fantastical things that have existed on the interwebs, in book things and so forth, and lacking the time to do proper posts on them, I'm trying this new thing where I wrap up the events of the week in one fell swoop, tentatively titled "The Weekly Shawarma". ...because shawarma can come in a wrap filled with spicy deliciousness, so the post is the shawarma roll and the findings are the...y'know what? I'll change the name.

It made sense in my head. wikihow

Naming issues aside, hark the things that tickled my fancy this week:

1. Reading

Few things creepier than finding this on a page entirely in Russian. meandthefarmer

One Hundred Years of Solitude Finally completed the original Game of Thrones, by Gabriel Garcia Marquez. Wow. You guys? Guys? WOW. Expect a review as soon as I finish picking exploded brain matter out of my reading spot.

The Complete Stories of Franz Kafka I tried, good people. I really tried. The gatekeeper story, at the start of the collection, I got, but everything subsequent? Far too Kafkaesque for me right now. *badum tss* Seriously, it's like reading the American Horror Story script & skipping every other episode then writing a book report about it. Will try again. Eventually.

Also coming: a review of The Golem and The Jinni, because YES.

Sweet Valley High for History Buffs io9

Sidenote: Being in possession of the mentioned e-books, I would love to share them here but I'm unclear as to the legal mechanics of file sharing books. Shall research & return.

2. #CarTingz

Behold, the literal price of my soul. dupontregistry

Lamborghini Veneno Allow me to begin with the more frivolous/self-esteem crushing news: while you haters dubbed the Lamborghini Veneno the world's ugliest car, three of the four models created were being delivered to their final owners customized and fresh to death, the last one remaining with Lamborghini. Let's all remember that as we take public transportation later today.

Moving on.

Tesla Model S The Oatmeal does a most excellent review of the Tesla Model S non-pelican drowning electric smart car as only Matthew Inman can. Let the records show OHASZ supports all environmentally friendly initiatives and donations of Model S's can be directed to our business manager, Haji.

3. Listening to

Popular: I'm well aware that I'm hella late with this but Mr Probz's "The Treatment" (2013) is the truth. Seriously, listen to the Robin Schultz remix of 'Waves' then come back & say I steered you wrong. I'll buy you cookies. 

Personal choice: For some reason, Emeli Sande's 'Free' has really stuck with me this week. Get to that also as well.

Like a sir: Philip Wesley - New Day. Enough said.

4. Honourable Throwback Mention

Bonus! avatar.wikia

La Mujer de Mi Twitter's finest episode took off a while back with a frankly hilarious but kinda sad catfishing story, explained here by an intrepid reporter I have nothing but high fives for. For #KOT thoughts that will add minimum 5 years to your life, click here.

Aite, I guess that's it. Experimental shawarma post posted, to be refined & soaked in the finest procrastination spices for your enjoyment, Y'all come back now, y'hear?


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