5 TV Series You Should Be Watching

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TV Series You Should Be Watching
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Ok, full disclosure: this post was meant to be 112% about our first entry, "The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt". There's just so much to be said about the show that it might actually warrant its own religion. However, because we love you and want you to #Prosper, enjoy a few extra bonus recommendations that will revolutionize your TV viewing and influence how much you believe hyperbolic promises published on your favourite blogs. Leggo!

1. The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

Obviously. The show (from the brilliant mind of TINA EFFIN FEY) is about the titular *heu heu heu* protagonist, Kimmy, who was kidnapped as a teenager and held in an underground bunker apocalyptic cult for 15 years by a (surprise guest star!) nutburger with three other women. The show picks up with the women being rescued and their return to normal society.

This was dropped on Netflix, which means the entire season is available for one hermit, shower-free, all day binge watch and it. is. GENIUS.
You will guaranteed laugh-cry at the soffisicaided humour, which comes wit a bit of darkness true to the actual horror of the situation, and some of the most fantastic characters possibly written. Seriously. Just click here.


2. Daredevil


Have not actually watched this, but everyone keeps hyping it so if I have to watch it, so do you. Mwah!

3. iZombie


Yes, I can't with the title either, BUT the show is spectacular. Surprisingly funny in that dry humour way, and at the same time dramatic/suspenseful/thrilling, after the first episode, I was sold. The fact that zombies are the central theme of the series means it has ties to horror, but not "cover your face and wait for the jump scare" horror. This is more of a "be nervous to close your eyes when washing your face afterwards" horror- the kind that sneaks up on you when you're already done with the episode, i.e the best kind.

The plot is about Liv, a medical resident who goes to a boat party where a designer drug triggers zombie symptoms in the users, gets scratched and wakes up an in-control, very human, cogent zombie. She eats brains, you guys, and it's the best. Watch! Watch! Watch!

4. Ridiculousness


If you like watching other people hurt themselves (and each other) in spectacular fails at life, plus stupid funny commentary from bae (aka Rob Dyrdek), other bae (aka Steelo Brimm) and blonde bae (aka Channel West Coast) and their variety of guest hosts, there is no reason why you aren't watching this clip show.

If you're laughing, YOU ARE AWFUL

Seriously, this show is... *becomes very emotional*.Also, you're a monster because you enjoy watching people hurt themselves and other people, shame on you.

5. Black Mirror 

Black Mirror

Most hipster show on this list. Think a collection of independent stories per episode (like the Twilight Zone). "Black Mirror" is the kind of show that makes you want to be a writer, you know? Stunningly original ideas that will make you weep for your own mediocre imagination, they manage to make a show that's entertaining, but also makes you really think. This twisted, twisted series will bother you and you will love it.

Bonus: Samurai Pizza Cats

Samurai Pizza Cats

Shhhhhhhhhhh, beloved, shhhhhh. Just go with it. I will hype this until everyone on the internet goes on YouTube to watch this and it becomes popular again and the cast of "The Avengers" make a live action movie of it. Dreams. can. come. true.

Aaaaanywhooo, for promises kept and wonderful shows you have to watch or else we're not friends anymore, this has been your Pop Culture guide, Evey G. Peace!


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