Weekly Shawarma: The One With The Ragrets

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Top of the morning (shut up) to you, my devoted spambots! Incidentally, I say this to every potential paramour I meet, hoping that one day someone will actually answer correctly then we can move to Zanzibar together & adopt several cats. It's like the Cinderella's slipper, with extra pretentious sauce.
Now that you've thoroughly forgotten what you were even on here for, let's get started, shall we?

1. Reading

Chimamanda Americanaaaaah, thanks
Art, by Evey G.

A couple of months ago, my author/editor/avid reader cousin and I went to dinner and wound up in an argument (probably) about Africans writers: she, a devout priestess in the cult of Chimamanda and I, a rabid supporter of most things Meja Mwangi.
A tentative truce was reached wherein she agreed to read "Striving for the Wind" if I picked up a copy of "Americanah". Imagine my ragret when she got it over Easter.

Here's the thing: I have never and had no intention to ever read a Chimamanda book. There's simply no way her writing can possibly live up to the hype in my head at this point. Also, I watched her TED Talk and real talk...it was meh. Not that it was bad, it was just ordinary. This is to say that nothing jumped out at me- it seemed like a rehash of a lot of the same thing we see/hear online. The talk is funny and entertaining but from where I sit, nothing earth-shattering.

Let me be clear: I'm not saying Chimamanda is bad, I'm saying she's not for me. I'll now sit here quietly and wait for her Beyhive to steal my identity and have me arrested for trying to create living gummy bears/actual bears hybrids in Russia.

Instagram Books
The Best Instagram in the History of Instagram

So yes. I am petulantly reading this book & sending guilt trip screenshots to said cousin periodically to remind her that this is torture, because I'm petty. Hi, Shi! *waves energetically*

2. Dreading

The 87 hours to be spent at the salon tomorrow getting braids in.

Excuse My Beauty

Someone, ANYONE bring me chocolate! Jk, I literally bring an entire bag of food from the supermarket nearby every time it's braid day. Literally.

3. Watching

Excuse My Beauty

iZombie. You guys. U GUISE. Going by the title, one would assume it is a hellish collaboration between Apple and me at 08:00am on a Saturday. It is not. What it most certainly is, is a surprisingly funny, "gritty", smart AND suspenseful/thrilling/dramatic show. You guys.

First of all, DO NOT READ THE DESCRIPTION OF THE SHOW. With only 4 episodes out so far, episode one will have all the information you'll need for the rest of the season, so don't spoil it for yourself. Srsly. It's...it's the best.

Father of My Children
Would that you could hear accents in gifs. #Swoon giphy

Which reminds me of the TV series post slowly growing more and more vindictive in my drafts folder until it finally takes human form and hunts me down. This week. This coming week for sure. Pinkie swear.

For this week, though, 'tis a wrap. I've been your host, Evey G., kisses and fun mistresses for the weekend. Peeeeeace!


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