Weekly Shawarma: The One With The YAAAAASS

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Introductory paragraphs are your face! Because planning is for wusses and your resident neighbourhood "too lazy to be a proper stalker" is feeling particularly inspired tahday. Walk with me:

1. Reading

Z Rider Suckers e-book
moar info here --> Z.RiderWriter.com

"Suckers" by Z. Rider! Yaaaaaaaaaaaaass! I'd mentioned this book before at the top of my Want To Read list with a bullet, and like any mature adult, I hopped on Twitter to offer my soul in exchange for a copy. Guess who's on Twitter guys.

#Flawlisss on Twitter
This literally happened.

Yes, peasants, I officially made it! The actual Z. Rider sent me an actual copy of the actual book that I'm actually cracking open the second I hit "publish" here. Please respect my privacy at this time.

2. Living For 

Sleek eyebrow pencil. This one. Seriously. After a....misguided attempt at doing my own eyebrows, brow pencil is pretty much right up there with oxygen right now. I'm not nor will I ever be a makeup guru but the one thing I bother with is le brows, and concealer because ridiculous dark circles.

Prettier than you
My Tinder profile picture. hdwalls

The pencil is pricey at Kshs.230 from Super Cosmetics in Westlands (versus the usual Kshs.30 for a brow pencil from Njoro pale karibu na mat za Buru), but y'aaaaaall, worth it. I would post a picture but the 3 strands of brow hair I have left (in total) are shy, so. Moving on.

3. Stoked For

celebratory booty dance

Crashing a Sofissicaided Book Club. Le previously mentioned author/editor/CulturedYetSomehowRelatedToMe cousin has a real deal proper book club with meetings that do not quickly evolve into wine-soaked rants about why the protagonist would make a terrible baby sitter. ...I'm not saying I've ever been in such a 'book club'...I've just heard they exist...on the internet...

The book of choice for tomorrow is Meja Mwangi's "Striving For the Wind"and I cannot at all wait. #Maturing

'til next week, Mishamigos!

Timely cultural reference!


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