January in Books: Wishlists & Read Lists

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January 2015 in Books
Original Image: Moyan Brenn

Did you know that January is usually when the most instant hit bestseller books are released? Science shows that the most fire literary masterpieces invariably drop, much like a sick beat, at the start of the year. "Science" is this dude I met on the bus one time that may have been on drugs.

January 2015 did not disappoint in this regard with a few books that promise to feature in humblebrag conversations and awe-inspiringly terrible movie adaptations in years to come. Without further ado, here are some January releases that should be on your 2015 wishlist.

1. If I Fall, If I Die - Michael Christie

If I Fall, If I Die - Michael Christie

Agoraphobic, overprotective Mum, isolated boy seeking to strike out on his own, disappearing local, and a regular Joe investigation. *Dun dun DUUUUN*
The real synopsis is here and does not feature theatrical background music.

2. The Girl on The Train - Paula Hawkins

The Girl on The Train - Paula Hawkins

"Gone Girl" for hipsters. YES. (Synopsis here)

3. West of Sunset - Stewart O'nan

The Girl on The Train - Paula Hawkins

Don't let the shameful, SHAMEFUL cover fool you- this book that we'll be picturing Dan Humphrey as the protagonist of is about the final (tragic) years of the author that made us all wish we were born in the 1920s: F. Scott Fitzgerald. Possible 25 out 10. 
(synopsis here)

4. The Magician's Lie - Greer Macallister

The Magician's Lie - Greer Macallister

Magicians. End of story. Also possible strong female protagonist and also myyyyysteryyyyy. We haz likes. (synopsis here)

You guys. With such beautiful choices to eventually purchase once prices fall and the local bookshops get them because online shopping is voodoo, we really should start a book club this year, no?
As far as actual reads in January go, the Goodreads challenge is going well thus far.

Afterparty, The Phantom Rickshaw, The Case of Charles Dexter Ward, Striving for The Wind
Afterparty (Daryl Gregory)
The Phantom Rickshaw and Other Stories (Rudyard Kipling)
The Case of Charles Dexter Ward (H.P. Lovecraft)
Striving for the Wind (Meja Mwangi)

I won't front, I did not by any measure finish the Kipling: after the titular short story the rest....well, you'll just have to wait to read the review from your post-apocalyptic bomb shelter as you fend off the cannibal hoards, now won't you. (This will happen on April 4th, 2078). *Dun Dun DUUUUUUN*

In other words, moar details to come on the four books listed above. Hope you're having a great week so far, and have been sufficiently shamed into finishing your fist book of 2014. For condescension and false prophecy, this has been Evey G. Peeeeeeace!



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