Weekly Shawarma: The One Where Haji Had to Change The Title

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So. Since my overly dramatic co-author here decided to go with the most inflammatory title headline humanly possible, allow me to clarify:
No one, NO ONE is selling any bodily organs for any reason under the sun.
This was said for dramatic effect by someone whose organs you don't want anyway since her diet is 90% Redbull and popcorn. This is only barely a joke.

Please stop emailing us with offers.
The comments alluding to such (and offering advice on how, dafuq internet?) have been deleted and future comments will be similarly dealt with.

Evey will be taken to Theatrics Rehab for this particular adventure.
Yeah. Stop.

10/05/2015 Update: Still? STOP EMAILING US. Title now changed.

Ah, dear reader, the draft folder overfloweth. There's just too much awesome, you guys. And also a kidney for sale. Hark!

1. Reading

ALL THE THINGS. The literature fairies finally saw it fit to send down a copy of "We Are All Completely Fine" by Daryl Gregory. You'll remember him from Le January Reading Wrap Up.
Sadly, this is a novella, totaling only 200 pages on my e-reader, sadface emoji to the power of infinity.

The Girl on The Train - Paula Hawkins

Since the best way to move on from any painful breakup is to immediately marry the next guy that smiles at you on the street, I dug into my "Want To Read" list on Goodreads and got "The Girl on The Train". We're expecting twins in July.

2. Watching

Gintama. After all the hype around it, you figure "Why not", then you watch the first three episodes and 5 years have passed since anyone last saw you outside. What I'm saying is, so far, YAAAAAASS.


2(b) Also watching Archer season six. Cheryl is our new deity now, spread the word.

3. Entry formerly known as "Selling My Kidney for" (edited by Haji)

A 4 day weekend indoors playing "The Last of Us". Listen. The last game I played (that wasn't on a brain training app) was probably Duck Hunt, real talk. But. BUT. "The Last of Us'. You guys.

The Last of Us

The storyline. The feels. The graphics. The terror. The feels. The never sleeping again. THE FEELS.
Reminders shall be sent to your email address just before my birthday & Christmas; the 'Thank You" cards will just be a long video of me screaming, 'cause THE INFECTED.


Thaaaat's all folks! For traumatic games and priceless dating advice, I'm Evey G. Namaste, bitches.


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