Weekly Shawarma: The One with The Eye Rolling

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Since I'm typing this first sentence at 6 minutes to midnight, it technically counts as a Friday post and there's nothing you can do about it.
So. This week. Let's get to it, no?

1. Watching
Empire. You guys. Guys. LOL. From the way the show has been hyped on/by Twitter , Buzzfeed, the chimera that lives under your bed, and the entire internet at large, it was only a matter of time before your friendly neighbourhood Lazy Bishhh High Priestess was sucked in. Also, gifs. Sooo many gifs.

Having watched the first episode, my summary would read thusly:
"hahahahahahahahha *gasps* ahahahahahaha *is carted away by men in white coats*".

Basically, if La Usurpadora had a baby with Love and Hip Hop: ATL, this would be it and I can't say I hate it. It's ratings gold so far, so opinion withheld pending binge viewing of all episodes involved. 

2. Reading

Absolutely nothing. Yo. After the mental and eventually emotional drain "The Forever Watch" pulled on my faculties? Mama needs a breather. The book itself is not bad, but there are some things Ramirez attempts that...well. Suffice it to say I've spent the last few days in the hospital for injuries related to violently rolling my eyes.
There's only so much WTF you can pack into one month. Consider yourself also granted a reading sabbatical until Sunday, March 1st, because all must obey The Queen.
...the Queen is me, there. I was referring to myself.

3. Listening To

Ne-yo. Bruh finally went and decided to drop his next album a literal month ago and I was none the wiser. I know, I am literally the worst long distance girlfriend, but I'm still here for you boo! As I'm still working my way through the tracklist, I cannot as yet proclaim that this is all you need to listen to if you want to achieve immortality (even though it's probably true). I can, however, recommend "Congratulations" which is centered on a theme Ne yo is worryingly into. Alas, i couldn't find it on SoundCloud so the YouTube audio/cover art is below. I think each track has a different woman as the art? To be investigated.


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