Monday Like A Sir: Muzei App

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For those of us with commitment issues, your phone or other device wallpaper gets very old very quickly. So. How do we keep the relationship fresh while also enjoying a little dish on the side and maybe dropping this increasingly gross metaphor? One word: Muzei.

Muzei App

While there are a lot of apps out there that let you select and change your wallpaper as often as you'd like, there's something to be said about an app that actually updates it for you on a daily basis, with new images selected from a source of your choice. 
The app then blurs the image backward so your widgets and apps remain visible, though you can view the image at any time by double tapping the screen. The image appearing as your screensaver is clean and sleek, but opening the Muzei app gives you useful additional background information on the image of the day.
Naturally, in keeping with our "cheapskate fond of the good life" theme, the app and its various extensions, are available absolutely free for Android.

"Extensions?", you ask, puzzled and intrigued.

Yes, extensions. With Muzei and its related add ons, you can opt for streams from the Marvel Universe

National Geographic images for those so inclined

or for the more morbid among us, the Beautiful Death extension that features Game of Thrones art.


There are an insane number of additional extensions available for your pleasure, ranging from NASA images, to album art from music you enjoy, images you have on Dropbox and back. Or if you can't choose a category, you have the option of Multimuze, which gathers images from a variety of sources.

This being a Monday Like A Sir post, you are of course encouraged to get the Muzei Live Wallpaper stand alone app (extension?) that focuses solely on artwork.

Personal screenshot

With a brand new painting every day, you're bound to see something you like. As mentioned, opening the Muzei app gives you the title of the art work, name of the artist and the year it was made. You can use this to search the artist, figure out what their style is called, similar artists, etc: essentially, it's the most lazy-friendly way to discover painters you will enjoy. Doing this often enough will get you fairly familiar with the art world; at least enough to hold your own in a conversation.

Righto, it has been I, your Sir guide, Evey G. Go ye forth, install and enjoy. Wishing you all an "Oh, you hadn't heard of this app? Plebe." week. 


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