Weekly Shawarma: The One With The Eyebrows

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It is decently past midnight and I have "Stalker" open in the next tab, let's get right to it.

1. Reading

"The Forever Watch" by David Ramirez. This book. After acres of blackmailing, wheedling and cat kidnapping, I finally got my hands on this book and started it with stars in my eyes. About 200 pages in and.... Well. Maybe, much like pretty much everything Kanye has done lately, I am simply not sophissicaided enough to grasp it. Idk, guys, idk. Further verdict to be passed upon completion.

2. Attempting

To tweeze my own eyebrows. The guy that usually does them (Hi, Wesh) is excellent at it, but he's also perfectionist and I happen to be feeling the "woolly caterpillar" look at the moment.
Armed with every YouTube tutorial I could find, what could go wrong?

Hey  boo, hey.

3. Watching

The Amazing World of Gumball, season 3. Because every children's cartoon deserves a scene where the cat protagonist wants to sell his nipples (to afford movie tickets) and his goldfish bestfriend asks him why he would want to give up the ability to make cheese. 

Because that's exactly how mammals work. gifsoup

If you don't already, you seriously, SERIOUSLY need to start watching this show. Now, my paused episode of "Stalker" awaits, I must leave you. Hugs, kisses and great weekend wishes, folks. 


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