Bonnie Bennet: A Lesson in Fabulous Inspiration

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I'm 93% sure that there is no need for me to have a lengthy introduction to the phenomenon that is the TV series The Vampire Diaries,  which is good, since I had no plans of trying to explain anything that happens on there.

this was a thing that happened with magic swords. Price Peterson

While there are a number of characters on the show that I ADORE and want to have little vampwolf puppy-babies with, this is not about them.

regardless of how gorgeous the babies would be. imgfave

 No, friends, this will be about one of the most underrated characters on the show, the witch Bonnie Bennet.

I'm fabulous. nowhitenoise

Specifically, the incredible actress who plays Bonnie (who's terrible apart from season 4, you go girl), Miss Kat Graham.

If you clicked on the link above, you should already see some of why I think Kat is amazing: apart from speaking Spanish, Hebrew, French and Portuguese, *jaw drops* Ms Graham has also been in the biz for quite a while, starting out in commercials aged 6. What were you doing when you were 6?

Admirable child star trajectory aside, reading through Kat's body of work makes one thing abundantly clear: regardless of what else she was involved in between 1995 and now, the one that's stayed the same is her drive to pursue a musical career. With random gigs tangentially related to the music industry as well as acting roles to help drive up her exposure and find industry connections, Kat has stayed true to her course and has finally made it.

Finally signing a recording contract with major label A&M Octone Records in 2012, Kat dropped her (first official?) single, Put Your Graffiti On Me, which you can listen to on Grooveshark at that link. On a related note, don't you just get so worked up when you're trying to find a song on Soundcloud and EVERY search result is a cover or remix??

My point here is that Kat persevered, writing music, background dancing and fabulously defying the laws of fashion until her dream worked out, fabulously.

Still fabulous. katgraham

The video for her epic track "Wanna Say" can be found on YouTube and is definitely worth checking out, if not for the super catchy beats, then for the fierce fashion moments that will CHANGE. YOUR. LIFE. Observe:

Lace eyebrows = Every Girl's Best Friend. ryanseacrest

Or this:

 eyelid rhinestones are Spring must-haves. pausaparafeminices

 Or this reminder that exercising can be sexy when you combine squats and a bright red lip:

 Gloves optional. toyazworld

Sheer Awesomenes in volumes that mere mortals can barely comprehend, which is to be expected by default from the lady that gave us this ensemble:

More fabulous than you. haryanaabtak

There you have it: Ms (soon to be Mrs by the by) Katerina Alexandre Graham has taught us all how to get it: go after what you want, even if you have to do a few things in the meantime that have no relation to your passion, every experience is a lesson. Fashion inspiration and pursuer of success, we salute you.

F.a.b.u.l.o.u.s   glee


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