Sony Xperia P: A tale of knowing things & Kanye West

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As previously stated, this blog was started as a way to help expand my horizons. While it was predetermined that Friday would be the day I write about cars or technology, it pains me (not really) to admit that I know next to nothing of either.
Yes, people, the secret is out: I'm actually 98 years old.

I have skate boarding lessons after this. networkworld

Now, it is exceedingly simple for me to just switch the Friday topic to something more my speed that I could sound super smart talking about, since the entire purpose of a blog is convincing people of your superior intelligence and that they should listen to you because you KNOW things.

I really do.

However, a wise woman once said, "To learn new things, you must first be cool with looking dumb. Only then can one catch the young grasshopper...of learning.". While said wise woman may or may not have a close personal relationship with this reporter, the point is valid, and should be printed on t-shirts.
awww thanks 'ye. wenn

I can call him 'ye because we know each other like that. We're homies. Drifting slowly back to the point (bet you forgot there was one), this post is about technology. Now, I couldn't think of a single thing I was interested in , so I'm going with phones, specifically, the one I'm hoping to get at the end of this month. Cue "Ode  to Glory": Sony Xperia P.

via the dolls at ibnlive

I've had my current Samsung for almost 3 years now, and per public opinion (tech savvy haters), it is apparently time for a change. After an afternoon of debate with our resident Mobile Tech Wizard, comparison of features and vigorous nodding on my part (I figured if I nodded he'd stop explaining the history of the dual-core processor. Sadly, he did not.), we settled on the Xperia P. 
Shortly afterward, a friend purchased the Xperia U, effectively confusing my poor analog mind as to which phone to pick, which ended in me deferring the purchase by a month to allow my commitment issues a battle to the death.
Error: Options too similar. fonearena

After almost a month of soul-searching and weighing which phone was prettier, I have settled upon the Xperia P to be my second borne, the 1st being my dependable old laptop that they don't make spare parts for anymore *insert love song to Toshiba here*. 
You can find the specs for the phone at gsmarena, I forget what half of the things there mean. Also? Accelerometer, gyro, proximity, compass: none of those are a thing. You kids with your android iPhones need to stop making up words.

Not. Words.

Guess what? I said this was a tech post and TECHnically, it was. All that's left now is for me to pick a colour for my new Baby: the black looks amazing but there's nothing as sleek as the metallic finish of the silver one. 

via xperiablog. Really hope those tattoos are fake, ladies.

Alas, this post has drawn to it's natural end: I know, I know, you could read me all day, but shhhhh *puts finger to your lips & gazes deeply into your eyes* we'll always have gyro proximity accelerometers. 
I look forward to scrolling the comments for condescending advice and directives for me to return to the kitchen. I intend to do my damnedest to have actual tech on my next Friday post, until then: 

tell 'em. funnyordie


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