If You Laid Out Your Belongings Side by Side

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pic courtesy of rendezvous.blogs.nytimes.

This is a shortie but a goodie: Fabulous photographer Huang Qingjun has an amazing new exhibit titled "Belongings" which you absolutely MUST have a look at.

Huang's concept was to get lovely people who prefer anonymity to pose outside their homes (notice I didn't say houses) with all their belongings that could be carried out. His purpose, was to "show people within their environment, both inside and outside their homes", and let me tell you, the differences are astounding.

Without spoiling the incredibly moving images you're about to see, I must say, this is one exhibit that put me in an introspective state of mind: What would my exhibit look like? What would yours?

Flip through the photographs HERE courtesy of the New York Times and let me know which pic got to you the most, I'd love to hear your opinion.


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