Dan Humphrey: A study in dubious inspiration

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Ladies and gents, boys and girls, children of all ages (actually, if you're under 18 you probably shouldn't read this entry), welcome to my inaugural "Things that Make Me Tick" post.
We of limited attention spans and tendencies to procrastinate have usually exhausted our Sunday night gung ho by around Wednesday: this post will be all about replenishing the enthusiasm reservoirs to push through the week.

if you could just put the food directly in my mouth... mccmelbourne

This week, my focus, as you've doubtless inferred at this point (good on you Sherlock) is about Dan Humphrey, a character from a guilty pleasure series I shame-watched: Gossip Girl. Yes, I know, terrible way to spend my day, but what can I say, I was hooked. You know what that's like, right? (Legally Blonde fans, I'm looking at you).

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While there are several, truly disturbed characters from whom to draw inspiration, I find that Dan Humphrey resonates the most with me: a writer, who not only used his writing to express himself (and become fabulously wealthy because duh) but leveraged it to get the girl he was in love with for...how many years was it from season 1? Let me know in the comments. The similarly disturbed girl of his dreams.

seriously, everyone on this show was nuts. ggmemes.tumblr

Dan, born of a washed up rock star and...a Mom who is never explained, is a Brooklinite, which in this fabulous world of inappropriately high heels and underage substance abuse, made him a peasant. Dan spots the aforementioned Peyton Sawyer for the 2000's and is instantly smitten.
Knowing he has no hope of attaining her affections, he creates a blog titled "Gossip Girl", dedicated to exposing the secrets of the students at their super exclusive private school, and in a twist of genius, uses it to write himself into Serena's (that's the girl) life. Using the blog to report happenings at the school and generally stalk everyone, he effectively weaves himself into the narrative, securing her attention and eventually integrating himself into her world.

seriously, writers... ggmemes.tumblr

Since anonymity is key, he has to spend the entire run of the show pretending to be clueless, even...being shocked by posts in the privacy of his own home. Yes, that happens, severally. Ignoring the obvious problems with this set up and drawing to my point: Dan used writing to get everything he ever wanted in life, a goal which your friendly neighbourhood blogger here can relate to and be inspired by.

Michael Collado's photo-recaps of this show are a delight.

The lesson here: your talents can get you where you want to be, with hard work, persistence...and a blossoming psychosis that is allowed to run unchecked. So...inspired yet?

wisdom via Michael Collado

NB: Naturally, because the internet is a thing, the revelation of Dan Humphrey as the ubiquitous Gossip Girl that haunted our consciousness spawned lovely tribute memes, with Dan Humphrey being every character yet to be unmasked in pop culture history.

Again, if you're under 18, scroll no further, the image that follows will shatter your world and leave you a weeping mess: the truth is not for everyone.

you thought I was joking, didn't you. ggmemes.tumblr

In conclusion, I urge you to listen to the voices (you know which ones) and use what was bestowed upon you to get what your heart desires. Also, a truth bomb:

spoiler alert!

A quick word to all you fabulously emotionally unstable gents out there: I do not advocate stalking of this level. Seriously, if she doesn't know you exist either say hello or let go. Stop scrolling her Facebook page on the next tab: that is not a good look. 
Have a great The Rest of The Week, Folks, this Blogger Babe is out!

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