Lessons from One Piece: Nami-swaaaaan!

fabulous portrait via animevice

Ohayo fans! Yes, you are in for much more broken Japanese today: I'm in gear second Otaku mode and bringing you your fashion fix for this week. The subject? Nami from my favourite anime today or ever, One Piece.

Master thief (not that we're encouraging that), skilled cartographer, the best navigator in the One Piece Universe, loyal friend, survivor of one of the most tragic back-stories I've heard in 20 something years, and all around kick-ass babe, Nami is definitely someone you want on your pirate crew.

Because all the pros pose for their Wanted posters

While this reporter has no hope of matching Nami's....assets:


Hellooo? Text continues down here! As I was saying, all grown up Nami post the time skip (don't ask) is a fashion maven featuring fabulous outfits. As previously stated, barring a freak bazonga-enhancing lightning storm, I shall spare you the attempts to recreate these looks, leaving it up to similarly endowed professionals. Shall we get to it? Yosh!

There are a few Nami outfits that can be appropriated for everyday life, which was the initial point of this post:

Well accessorized, very laid back, definitely up my street. As is the following ensemble:
 pic via onepiece.wikia
Demure, yet edgy at the same time, Nami is (clearly) a fan of short shorts and tiny skirts, an area waaaaay on the other side of my comfort zone, which I take as a personal challenge to help expand my fashion horizons.
I will pick one of these outfits (suspense!) to recreate for everyday wear, no cosplay, very soon so keep your eyes pealed. For OHASZ, this is Tricia Takanawa signing off. Deuce y'all.

 I'm FAR too cool to wave goodbye, so let my hair do it for me. 


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    1. Great costumes you've got there, One Piece is absolutely the best anime. Followed by Soul Eater. Tamashii no kyoumei!

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  3. My all time favorite anime chick

    1. Right? Nami, Mikasa Ackerman and Maka Albern are my all time anime top three.

  4. Nami my all time anime girl! She is the best!

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