Lessons from Marceline the Vampire Queen

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pic via Comic Vine

For anyone out there that's not familiar with Adventure Time with Finn and Jake, this is one show that you simply MUST watch this month: with a diverse range of funny, yet well written characters and a wealth of catchphrases you'll want to plug in to everyday life, it's no wonder that Adventure Time has such an insanely impressive cult following.

via The Cosplay Gods who you should totally check out, they're amazing.

And then there's those that are serious about this life.

'cause no one rocks pink like Princess Bubblegum. liveforfilms

My focus is on Marceline the Vampire Queen. Rocker chick, Vampire royalty and all around badass, Marcie is the epitome of vampire chic for this generation (stand aside Swan). With a variety of looks under her belt (see what I did there?) Marceline's look is one I was eager to try out for myself.

pic via Comic Vine

My compliments to the writers of this ridiculously hilarious show; seriously, EVERYONE is likeable, even the characters meant to be annoying. Except Tree Trunks. No. Just. No. 

Me when Tree Trunks is on. Also, me in the morning. adventuretime.wikia

This super awesome Polyvore user has put together a handy dandy guide to achieving the look above (and a few others that I will hopefully feature here later) which is so cool, I'm in physical pain just looking at it.

pic via baptisms

Awesome, right? While I do love the look, the red boots were a bit out of my comfort zone (when else am I ever going to wear them?) so I swapped them out for red sneakers. I'll post the final pic of the complete outfit (plus some accessory amendments to help it pop a bit and make it more "mine") a little later: I'm a few days away from acquiring a most excellent camera hence I thought it wise not to burden y'all with the grainy version.
Good things come to those that wait, right?

pic via Frogman

Th-th-th-that's all folks! ...for now.


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