Monday Like a Sir: Manjano Nairobi Visual Arts Exhibition

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Kaixo my lovelies, 'tis yet another Sirs Monday and I bring you greetings from Basque, which, again, I'm shocked to find out is a country. Geography lesson aside, allow me to send a shout out to my readers in Jamaica, Belgium, Qatar and Macedonia: assuming you're not spam-bots, whaduuuuup! ...that's still a cool thing people say, right?

art by the incredible emilio1234567

Slowly making our way back to the point, this Thursday, April 11th sees the Village Market Exhibiton Hall play host to the Manjano Nairobi Visual Arts Exhibition, opening at 06:00pm. An amazing platform for established AND aspiring artists, this exhibit basically, if I may quote the GoDown Arts Centre, features "the best artwork that Nairobi has to offer".
While I myself will regrettably be unable to attend, I will be looking out for pics and publicity from the event, and hopefully some of my Nairobi-based lovelies will represent the OHASZ community with the pomp and flare expected of Sirs.
Wishing you all a blissful week of blissful bliss. Yea, I said it. Enjoy!


1 comment:

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