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What? The title sounded like a threat? No, of course not, I totally don't know where you live *nervous laugh* How would I? This is what I meant:

See? Super innocent.

Bok bok my loves, that is "Hello, hello" in Croatian, which I actually knew was a country so yay validation!  Today is meant to be my inspiration post day, but alas loves, your friendly neighbourhood Bat Girl is not in an especially inspired frame of mind.

Don't look at me. buzzfeed

Chalk it up to inertia: after two days of completely not writing, it gets kind of hard to get back on the saddle, BUT I took the first step and posted anyway. Consider this my "heyyyy, you" type of endeavour: letting you know that I'm thinking of you and I intend to put up a post everyday for the rest of the week, because I like you like that.

You complete me. heymonster

In summary, I will be putting up a post about my neuroses this week, because you KNEW I had to have germophobe issues. I will also have a fashion post up with actual photos! That I took! Yea! I will also do my damnedest to have a tech post up tomorrow, as promised severally. That's right people, this week, I finally slay the Dragon Procrastination.
Hear that, Khaleesi? I'm coming for you. by grafik

Basically, this was a trailer for the wickedness that is to come, so stay tuned darlings. Until then, I leave you with this gratutitous gif, to be considered a gift from the Supernatural Fairy:

You're welcome. buzzfeed

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