Monday Like A Sir: My Photography, and Real Photography

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Saluton, my good Judies, as they say in Esperanto. Here's hoping your weekend was as awesome as I am, and that you spend your week being as humble as me. And also get the following tattoo:

Not a joke. funnyjunk

I shall kick off our Sirs Monday with a mention of my recent visit to the FrancoAfric Art Affair, presently running at Alliance Francaise until 21st April.

Click zoom, alright? I am not a professional photographer.

There are some seriously awesome pieces being featured and it's definitely worth stopping by. Where else can you see fabulousness on this level:

Better, right?

The exhibits each have a tiny explanatory placard so fear not, non-artsy folks, thou shalt not float.

Seriously, just go see it in person.

In photography news this week, I bring you the work of Nickolay Lamm, artist and researcher extraordinaire. Mr Awesome up there came up with a very realistic (and terrifying) collection of images made on the basis of what the selected places would look like submerged, as a result of global warming. You knew I had to plug environmental issues.

30 Rock Reference! Also? I am the Lorax, I speak for the Trees! tiovania

Nickolay has a super helpful gallery of the maps of the actual area, plus the after-submersion pics, but you can click through the submersion pictures exclusively here, courtesy of NY Daily News.

Enjoy the gallery and the rest of your week. I bid you adieu, Ladiesirs and Gentledudes, and above all else:


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