Tech for Dummies, from a Tech Dummy

To my darlings in the Czech republic and around the world, ahoj. What follows shall be my probably laughable and positively uninformed attempt at a tech post. Hark!

pretty much. ikiuiki

1. iWatch

Yrving Torrealba via yahoo

Apparently, there has been a fanboy explosion over the concept of Apple venturing into the production of watches, with the iWatch expected to top all of everything that has been watched in the history of ever. A fine gent named Jay Yarrow took it upon himself to compile the hottest speculations currently circling the net HERE. Don't you just love the concept of hyperlinks?

2. Bitcoins

via technobuffalo which has a great piece on the matter.

Apparently, bitcoins are a thing now. ...I mean...they were always a thing, just never...a get me, right? Yea, you get me. Basically, think of the internet as a country and the Bitcoin as the currency of that particular nation, which are also now worth money in other nations, like trading shillings for dollars. Tech for Dummies: from a Tech Dummy. Find further reading here and here, there will be a quiz.

Not a joke. westislandgazette

3. Google Glass

...what? Do I have something on my face? independent

Google Glass requires no introduction, and if it does, their site is here, we hope you had a pleasant stay under that rock. While some tout the tech advancement it surely is, and some vilify it with glee, I approach the marvel with caution. My privacy, specifically the privacy to walk down the street and have no one know anything about me, or take a picture of me without my consent, or record a video of me failing at wearing high heels and share said video online, is one I value over all else. 
Bravo to the great minds that cooked this up, I see the value and possible use for good, however, I must decry the potential for evil. Sure, even electricity has the potential to be used for nefarious purposes, I'm not proposing the ban of anything that can be misappropriated for mischief.
The only case I'm out to make is that there are a lot of people out there who are unfamiliar with, or choose to disregard, the laws of personal privacy as extends to capturing or using a person's image/likeness, and Google Glass just gave them nuclear capabilities. Our only recourse, ladies and gents, will be measures that shall be condemned as extreme.

Comes in Gold, Red and Bastard Snow. gothic

So there you have it, Nostradameus (get it? 'cause I'm a girl. ...get it?) has spoken. The future is Lady Gaga.
I'm already tired from doing so much not-explaining so I'm going to go have an icecream cone and think about how people are hurting the Lamborghini Veneno's feelings by calling it the ugliest car in the world.

There, there. hypebeast

This post has therefore been paused, and shall continue whenever will inconvenience you the most. Until then darlings, FEAR THE MACHINES!


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