Of Paulo Coelho, Dragons and Staying Classy.

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As promised, your friendly neighbourhood procrastinator is finally getting around to reading the pictured Ceolho. I don't actually use bookmarks, the Post It is for dramatic effect, naturally. As you can see, the book is fairly slim, I could have read it from start to finish in one sitting if I didn't have to pause and stop my eyeballs from rolling out the door. Yes, I am rolling my eyes that hard at some parts of the book, but I do see its value and have learned a few things. So yeah. Also, hello, and welcome back.

You really should. Cook for me. And sing to me. foodiggity

Back to Coelho.I can't figure out if I'm the one that's not getting it or if is really is a ludicrous, ludicrous work of art. I mean, sure, the Cruelty Exercise has it's value: You're walking along the street, fresh and fabulous in your awesome new sandals, when a random douchecopter walks by, veering into your path and decisively stomps on your foot. Accidentally? Possibly. Apology forthcoming? No dice.

Seriously. This is an accurate representation.

Situations like these lend themselves to leading your imagination down a dark alley, in which sandal scuffing assaulter-persons are possibly attacked by sandal/shark hybrids wielding machetes. With the Cruelty Exercise, you can focus on the physical pain to understand the psychological damage of dwelling on designing a car made entirely out of chainsaws to hunt down the Toe Bandit, and letting go of those thoughts. Although the book recommends creating your own pain, I am quite partial to not suffering, hence, no sale.

Yes please! 9gag

Disregarding the moments that make me ask myself why I chose to start what sounds like the ramblings of my future self after the toxoplasmosis from my 17 cats sets in, I will conquer this book, ladies and gents, then I will find someone to explain it to me and get back to you.

I had every intention of speaking about Kiki de Montparnasse aka Alice Prin, she of the everything awesome back in the early 1900s.  Crowned Queen of all Things Risque by bloggers who need to do more research, Kiki had an ugly upbringing that led her to take...a path less traveled, becoming an artist and muse for that particular period of creative revolution. Kiki, get it girl. Of the transition from icon of excess and self-indulgence to luxury brand, I know little. All I can say is, Kiki longed for immortality through art and now, it can be argued that she has it.

Also, totally just discovered this blog Strange Flowers, epic art is epic and I am officially a fan. Before I leave, I find myself beholden to share the wise words of Khaleesi Dany as she has given me the necessary hair-flipping power to face the week with enthusiasm and a reason to shout "Dracarys!" at people I intent to hunt down rude strangers on the street and hope that my guardian angel is secretly a dragon. ...it could happen, they both have wings!

I need a minute. buzzfeed

I mean, really, is...I can't. I don't even...I can't. *fangirl spasms* Stay classy Khaleesi, your kindness may have gotten your husband and unborn child murdered, but it just got you a loyal army now, reclaim the Throne! Alas, I must make my hasty egress. I leave you in the safe hands of my new pet. Just don't make him mad 'cause when he gets angry he tends to-.....

....oops. buzzfeed


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