Remember Yokozuna from WWE Wrestling?

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Pro tip: When someone who's on vacation tells you about this AMAZING new series that you must watch in its entirety on a Sunday night, just say no.

Damn you. darrenaissance

In the interest of finishing this up as fast as possible and sneaking a mid afternoon nap, I shall edit my innate need to be verbose and stray into unrelated tangents. Such as how adorable that kitten is and how my immediate instinct is to cuddle and not bite as suggested by this article

Haterade aside, this was to be an avenue for me to share my photography finds of the week. I begin with this "Churches as Tanks" bit, which....I won't even pretend to get.

 Entitled "Churchtanks", the series is meant as a critique of religion in a way that I do not comprehend, and do not intend to think about, but you can check it out at that link. My focus for today will be more...pedestrian and...Philistine as far as artistic photography goes BUT it is fun. A beautiful photographer named Paolo Patrizi did a f.a.b.u.l.o.u.s piece chronicling the day to day life of a modern day sumo wrestler and...well, I'll let the pictures speak for themselves.

via slate
I promised to keep this short, and I will. No further introduction is necessary other than that the wrestlers spend most of the day actually dressed like that, outside, in the sun, where people can see them, because they're braver than bloggers who would like to try it. Again, the series of pictures is at this Slate link, where you should be right immediately now.

Enjoy, my loves, and anyone interested in taking the Dress Like A Sumo Wrestler challenge, drop me an email.*

*Please don't. 

Have an awesome week, like Sirs.

Because the Three Cat Quota is a blogger rule. perfectlypoly


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