"The Face of Nairobi" Exhibit by Michael Soi at the Goethe Institut

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Good morrow, my lovelies, I hope this Monday (it's MONDAY, leave me alone!) finds you in good health. Your friendly neighbourhood Sir checking in for this week's dose of culture and artistic leanings.
It's the beginning of the week and you're still reeling from Easter festivities so I shall make this short: The fabulous, fabulous Kenyan artist Michael Soi has seen it fit to bless us with his works, specifically the collection titled The Face of Nairobi which if I may quote the Goethe Institut:

"The exhibition The Face of Nairobi is an ongoing portrait series, depicting Kenyan women. Soi refers to the show as “a celebration of the mother, the sister, the aunt and the daughter. The work on display is from a series of 42 paintings, all portraying Kenyan women from all over Nairobi who can occasionally be seen walking down the street, in the bar or in the church.”

The exhibit premiered on March 23rd but this reporter is only just now getting around to going (procrastinators, assemble! ...tomorrow) on 6th April, which is this Saturday, provided the weather holds out. 

The collection features a few....is racy the right word? Yeah, racy pieces so maaaaybe don't bring your kids unless you're a fan of awkward questions and strangers laughing at your decidedly awkward responses. Strangers who may be bloggers. 

I leave you with this Micheal Soi creation, not from his collection as I'd hate to spoil the experience. See you there?

pic from the Art of Michael Soi Facebook Page that you should check out right immediately now.


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